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Interview with Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue

Takes place at Klubi in Tampere on 03.02.2007

Here are some questions from fans collected in cooperation with the finnish JWRA Streetteam.

RockJunkz.com: Lets start with... A job you never would do?

Tender: Something in the military.

Rene´: I coundn´t drive a cab or a bus... or anything else.

RockJunkz.com: If you were a drug, which drug are you?

Jann: I don´t wanna be a drug.

Rene´: I don´t understand...drug!?

Tender: I´d be amphetamine.

Arde´: SMACK! I wanna be Smack.

RockJunkz.com: What is the craziest fanpresent you ever got?

Arde´: Rotten Banana

Rene´: I never got anything.

Tender: Too many lollipops! I really don´t like them that much. Somehow everybody thinks i do. Better send me hairspray! *smiles*

RockJunkz.com: What are the band plans for this year?

Jann: We´re gonna win the Eurovision Songcontest.

Tender: Although we´re already winners!


Tender: And we´re gonna do some gigs.

Rene´: As much as possible.

Tender: If we have the time, we´re gonna make some new songs.

Arde´: A second album...and a third album.

Jann: A lot of songs!

RockJunkz.com: A song or band you hate the most!?

Jann: Sunrise Avenue!

*everybody laughs*

Jann: They´re shit. Sunrise Avenue - What a name... Avenue pfff they´re the wrong Avenue.

RockJunkz.com: How much time takes your styling?

Tender: 5 minutes *laughs*... depends on the day!

Arde´: Its always in progress!

Tender: It´s something between an hour and half an hour.

RockJunkz.com: What did you thought when you met each other for the first time?

Tender: We instantly fell in love.

RockJunkz.com: How and when did you start to play instruments?

Jann: Play? What do you mean? play?.

Tender: I started beating drums made out of boxes...i was 7 or 8 and i got my first drums when i was 16.

Arde´: I was 4 years old when i started to play drums. *laughs*

Jann: I was 16 when i learnt the cords.

Rene´: It was about two years ago when i started to play bass. *Arde laughs out loud* Before that i played guitar. I play the bass only for this band

RockJunkz.com: Your opinion of the perfect gig!?

Jann: Funny!

Tender: Its a combination of many things...

Jann: Like happy accidents.

RockJunkz.com: Like?

Jann: Wrong accord...

Rene´: Sleeping on stage, falling from stage... I did it once!

*Arde is amused all the time*

RockJunkz.com: Where?

Rene´: Actualy it was in a soundcheck...

RockJunkz.com: For which legendary band would you leave this band?

Arde´: New York Dolls!

RockJunkz.com: With wich band would you like to go on tour?

Jann: Negative

Tender: Neagtive *is showing his NGT shirt*

Rene´: Yeah, it was great!

Arde´: Iggy and the Stooges! *is showing his shirt*!

Rene´: Maybe the Stones. They could open up for us!

Jann: I dont know

RockJunkz.com: What should people know about your band?

Jann: They should know more about our music! It´s not Rock´n´Roll...Its Popmusic!

Arde´ sings: Pop´n´Roll Music...*laughs*

Tender: They should know that we´re not serious *everybody laughs* Music shouldn´t be too serious!

Rene´: It can be...but not our band!

Jann: We have lots of irony.

Rene´ about us: But they probably know it already!


RockJunkz.com: How important is success for you?

Jann: It´s very important.

Rene´: Yeah...

Jann: We need the money!.

Tender: At least some money!

*Viljami is calling and Jann answered the phone*
*A few minutes later Ardes phone is ringing also...Antti from Negative is calling*
*Arde´ puts the phone on the table and Antti is speaking to us over loudspeakers*

RockJunkz.com: How did you get the contact to your record label?

Jann: They called us! Its a simple thing.

RockJunkz.com: What can you tell us about your first record?

Jann: Its called "Tokio Okei"...Lots of brilliant songs. Its very fragile!

RockJunkz.com: Why should people come to see your show?

Jann: So we get paid!... We have the greatest show.

Tender: If they wanna see something unique!

Arde´: Or something special.

Jann: If they wanna laugh...

RockJunkz.com: And the last one is...What made each of you become a musician?

Jann: We dont consid ourselves as musicians...but the lack of talent for anything else...not that i can play, but anyways

Tender: It beats to stay at home...so you have something to do!

Jann: And we get a lot of money!

Arde´: Yes *laughs*

Jann: Everything for the money!

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